RPA Training and Placement in Delhi

RPA Training and Placement in Delhi will prepare you for basic and advanced RPA automation using the latest features of RPA UiPath. This RPA Training in Delhi will expertise you in the concepts of Image and Text automation, Computer Vision activity, Object Repository, Data Manipulation using RPA bots, managing your processes from UiPath Orchestrator, and building a solution with RE-Framework. Throughout this online Instructor-led RPA Placement in Delhi, you will be working on real-life industry use cases.

Why should you take RPA Training and Placement in Delhi?

Instructor-led RPA Training and Placement in Delhi live online classes

Weekdays Morning

Monday to Friday Candidates Can Pick Slots any 1:30 Hrs in Between 06:00 am to 09:30 am or 06:00 pm to 10:30 pm

dridhOn dridhOn: World #1 Certification Training & Placement!


Saturday to Sunday Candidates Can Pick Slots any 2:30 Hrs in Between 10:00 am to 02:30 pm or 4:30 pm to 10:30 pm

dridhOn dridhOn: World #1 Certification Training & Placement!

Course Fees

₹ 19,985/-

Base Fee: 25,985​/-

No Cost EMI Starts 7785 /- Month.

dridhOn dridhOn: World #1 Certification Training & Placement!

RPA Training and Placement in Delhi Curriculum

dridhOn dridhOn: World #1 Certification Training & Placement!

RPA Training and Placement in Delhi Objective:

Know about the concepts of RPA UiPath

Understand how Robotic Process Automation works.

Understand the RPA UiPath development methodology

Know about the RPA UiPath Solution Architecture Patterns

Handle exceptions in UiPath

Understand the types of Bots

Know about various RPA UiPath tools and selection criteria

Robotics Process Automation Course in Bangalore Topics for UiPath Tool:

Why automate repetitive tasks/process

What is Robotic Process Automation

Natural language processing and RPA UiPath

How Robotic Process Automation works

RPA UiPath development methodology and life cycle

RPA UiPath Solution Architecture Patterns – Key Considerations

Input Data Handling Solution Pattern

Exception Handling

Transaction Logging

Credential Management

Secure Execution

Monitoring and Reporting

Types of Bots

List of Robotic Process Automation Tools

Overviews for Course RPA UiPath in Bangalore:

Understand what is UiPath and its platform components

Install UiPath Community Edition Software

Get an overview of the types of Projects in UiPath

Understand UiPath User Interface

Know different Automation Activity Packages

Work with workflow activities

dridhOn dridhOn: World #1 Certification Training & Placement!

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RPA Training in Bangalore UiPath Certification Course

RPA Certification Training and Placement in Delhi Overview

This certification RPA training in Delhi will make you genius in RPA processes and best practices using the UiPath platform.  UiPath tool used for Windows deployment, the creation of RPA bots, the industrial applications of RPA and the key guidelines for implementing RPA for all your business requirements like security and auditing. This online RPA course also prepares you for the RPA uipath advanced certification exam.

This online RPA training in Delhi is designed to help you create your automation processes from the beginning to advanced automate activities that involves Web, Excel, Mail, PDFs, VDIs, etc.

At the end of this RPA course in Delhi, you will able to develop end-to-end automation processes on real-life industry projects, publish them to the UiPath Orchestrator.

According to UiPath’s 2022 State of the RPA Developer survey, the vast majority (91%) of RPA developers expect their organization will be hiring double than the present in next 3 years.

RPA technology delivers rapid ROI and takes repetitive tasks that employees take 50-60 times a day. So this RPA technology reduces the time taken to complete the processes, with a very high accuracy and increases customer satisfaction. Due to these features, RPA is the fastest-growing enterprise software in the world.

Deploying the technology helps to free up the staff and provide them with an opportunity to work on other more demanding tasks hence add more value to the business

Join today with dridhon’s online UiPath certification training and start learning with India's top RPA developers. We ensure the best RPA developer courses with current industry experts.

RPA training using UiPath certification is ideal for anyone with a technical background

Some basic knowledge about programming like c#, .net, java could be beneficial for this RPA training in Delhi

Introduction to Robotic Process Automation

Image and Text automation

Computer Vision activity and Object Repository

Data Manipulation using RPA bots

Managing your processes from UiPath Orchestrator

Building a solution with RE-Framework

Windows Deployment in RPA UiPath tool

Workflow automation, debugging and exception handling

Professionals eligible for this for this RPA training using UiPath are:

Business analysts

RPA Developers

Project managers

Software Developers

Robotic Process Automation Training and Placement in Delhi Uipath Certification

RPA is one of the leading technologies in the market and UiPath is one of the best cloud-based tools which automate daily repetitive tasks. The RPA Certification shows that the learner is mastered all the key concepts of RPA training. And this RPA certificate shows that he is an eminent RPA developer.

The UiPath advanced certification training in Bangalore gives ample opportunities to work on real-time industry projects and case studies. This helps you to excel in your career with hands-on experience in the RPA domain. Upon the completion of RPA training in Delhi, you will make appearances at the mock interview sessions.

Dridhon’s RPA certification holders work at DELL, BOSCH, ACCENTURE, CISCO, and many other top MNC

Top Leading MNC Hiring for RPA UiPath in Delhi

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Online RPA Course in Delhi Features

Online Live Instructor-led Classes.
Weekdays Morning & Evening
Weekends Flexible Sessions

Each UiPath session will be followed by a test to assess your learning.

Working on real-time challenges is a great way to learn. Real-time works for hands-on learning are used in capstone projects.

You will get lifetime access to cloud-based class recordings, presentations, quizzes, and installation guides.

Mentors and a network of like-minded peers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with any conceptual questions.

You will be awarded an Industry Recognised Certificate for attending training on RPA Developer Using UiPath.

RPA Training and Placement in Delhi UiPath Certification and FAQs About Course

Can I request for a support session if I need to better understand the topics?

dridhon is offering 24/7 query resolution, the team will support you in all the aspects of learning the RPA course. The query session will be conducted to the trainer and learner 1:1

dridhon will make you to learn more updated and most of the concepts of RPA course in Delhi are explained on real industry examples. This way, you can implement the learning that you have acquired in real-world industry setup. RPA training in Delhi comes with multiple real time projects that thoroughly test your skills, reasoning, thinking, and practical knowledge, making you complete industry.

You will work on highly exciting projects in the RPA domains of high technology, ecommerce, marketing, sales, networking, banking, insurance, etc.

DridhOn will actively provides placement assistance to all learners who have successfully completed the RPA training in Delhi. In the training we will make you attend many number of mock interview sessions and quizzes. This way, many of our learners were placed on top MNC’s  such as DELL, TCS, BOSCH ,Accenture, and Cisco etc, among other equally great enterprises. We also help you with the job interview and resume preparation as well.

After the completion of dridhon’s RPA training in Delhi program, you will make to work on real time projects , and make you to attend the quizzes and after scoring at least 70 percent marks in the qualifying exam, you will be awarded dridhon’s RPA course in Delhi completion certificate. This certificate is very well recognized in almost all the MNC’s in the world.

This rpa training in Delhi provides you a real time industry projects from beginner’s level to the advanced level. Some of the projects covered during uipath certification course are:

Automated Customer Support Emails

Customer Onboarding

Invoice Creation

CRM upgrading

Data migration and entry

What Our Students Say About Us

We don’t like to brag, but we don’t mind letting our students do it for us. Here are a few nice things folks have said about our themes over the years.

DridhOn has helped me with the complete specific Course and also provided in-depth industrial level understanding of the technology itself. A mentor is so supportive and helpful in every manner.

uipath training and placements
Dilip Kumar RPA Developer, e2Open

Cooperative teaching staff with real time knowledge and daily class recordings are shared useful for reference

aml kyc placements
Mohammad Abdhul RPA Developer

Thank you so much Dridhon for creating such a great course. The course explained by milan is easy and well-mannered. A non-it guy like me can easily understand this course. I had taken the uipath courses. Also, that is the RPA, which helped me a lot to understand this course.

RPA UiPath Training
Bharagavi RPA Developer, DXC Technology

Thank You so much Dridhon. It was Great Learning on RPA with Dridhon , the Best Training Institute well Managed & Best Quality of Hands on Training and Support me in getting placed.I suggest Dridhon as First Choice.

Pavan Yeruva RPA Developer, L&T

I joined for AML/KYC Training, it was given by Akineth sir. He was such a wonderful trainer,He certified ACAMS nd has sound knowledge in Aml kyc process. The way of teaching with examples is excellent. And also he solves our doubt.his training was very informative.. Good support from kiran sir until get placed. Thank you so much Akineth sir nd kiran sir.

aml kyc placements
Puneeth AML Analyst, PWC

I was a student here, where decpline culture and commitment towards building a excellent career do matters for the management as well as the staff. Lecturers way of dealing subject was too good. Finally got a very good opportunity in a leading MNC company with a good package.. very thankful to the management.

aml kyc placements
Sunil Kumar AML Analyst, Accenture

This company was really awesome having a good trainers and mentors who has trained us very kneely and observe every person individually this helps us alot to achieve our dream jobs and especially kiran sir who was a great mentor to choose the path way of our ongoing successful life

aml kyc placements
Prakash AML Analyst, Standard Charted

Thank you for the course. Good presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask question.

automation testing and placements
Arpitha Python Testing Engineer, UST Global

Good & best teaching classes & 100% placements thank you for providing these good opportunity for me

aml kyc training and placements
Aasif AML Analyst, Genpact

This course was short but very informative and very helpful. It was excellent journey with Dridhon. I would like to thank Akineth Sharma and Kiran.highly recommend it!!

aml kyc training and placements
Manavi AML Analyst, PWC

It was a very great experience with dridhon(AML course).They offer 100%placement opportunities.And I believe that no sir can make you understand the course deeply other than akineth. Thankyou akineth and kiran for your support.

aml training and placements
Bhavana AML Analyst, Accenture

I have joined Aml course in DhridhOn. I gained so much knowledge from Akineth sir such a knowledgeable person. Great platform to learn Aml here. I got a job offer after my training. Thank you so much Akineth Sharma sir and Kiran sir for your support and guidance.

aml kyc placements
Pradeep Kumar AML Analyst, Teleperformance

Training was amazing

aml kyc course and placements
Haseena AML Analyst, PWC

Dridhon is the best institute. Their teaching way is good and 100% placement support.

pcb design and placements
Deepika PCB Design Engineer

I have finished my AML online training course in Dhridon Institute of Bangalore. Mr.kiran sir was a good person. My trainer Mr.Akineth Sharma was an excellent trainer.Every day classes was very interesting. Am really very thankful to Mr.Kiran sir and my trainer Mr.Akineth Sharma sir .

AML KYC training and placements
Sindhuri AML Analyst, Societie Genral

#Best Training Institute
Hi folks, It took a long wait for me to achieve my desired package, But "Patience is the key to success" With experience trainers mentoring its learners & Soon after the training. All you can expect a good set of Knowledge that will suffice to crack down interviews. Thanks to Trainers Akineth Sharma & Admin Kiran.

AML Acams certification
Naveed AML Analyst, Accenture

Great Platform to learn new courses with high quality Experienced Professionals. I have learnt new and interesting topics Through AML Course. Thank you for giving me this great opportunity to learn Dridhon.

AML ACAMS Training
Vedika AML KYC Specialist,

I am karthik. I have took AML/KYC course in Dridhon. I was trained by the best professional Akineth Sharma sir( ACAMS CERTIFIED), who have rich experience in AML domain. He taught me in a way that one can never forget the lessons. Good Practical approach with examples. I am always thankful to you kiran sir and Dridhon for this course and such a Guru like Akineth sharma sir.

Karthik AML KYC, Teleperformance

DridhOn has helped me explore dynamic opportunities on 8th semester. My Faculty Mr. Kiran sir helped me clear my concept in data structure. There after I took complete web development and competitive programming in python to enrich my learning experience skills. Its because of him that I was able to burnish my skills not only academically but also enhance my professionally exposure. Even he take care complete course and as well my learning potential and English communication. He build us beautiful CV's it help us for interview to attract our company HR people from the help of DridhOn I grow my self currently I am working as Back end developer. Thank you DridhOn

Automation testing Training
Nagendra K G Testing Engineer, LG Soft