UiPath Interview Questions

UiPath Interview Questions

1) What is the add range in UiPath?

The project development team can use UiPath append range to insert or change data in their existing workbook. It can be used to enter data from a workbook. The data will not be overwritten if the developer appends it to the existing data.


2) Describe how to use UiPath to generate variables.

In UiPath, there are three ways to create a variable:

The variable tab in the control bar is being used.

The output column and the properties window are used.

Choosing the Create variable option from the ribbon tab.


3) Describe how switches work.

Switch activity is used to accept objects based on the values of the designated character. It makes use of the integral argument, which can be altered by choosing it in the properties panel.

He was anticipating a certain argument type.


4) Describe the activity as it is taking place.

When a status is valid, activity aids in the preparation of an activity.


5) Give an explanation for each activity.

Data tables, arrays, lists, and other collections are used to provide the step for each activity. It allows the programmer to repeat the data and process each piece of data separately.


6) What is the main distinction between data scraping and screen scraping?

Screen scraping differs from data scraping in that it is a technique for extracting structured data from a user interface element. Data scraping is a technique for extracting structured data from a document or the internet and saving it to spreadsheets or databases.


7) What is the definition of an array?

The array is a sort of variable that may hold a lot of data.

allows programmers to store several values of the same data type in a single location. Arrays are supported by UiPath Studio in a variety of ways. Programmers can generate a wide range of numbers, texts, Boolean, and other types of data.


8) How can a database be automated?

Installing Uipath.database from the managed package allows UiPath developers to automate the database. In the activity properties, programmers can supply all of the database's specifics.


9) Describe the many sorts of decision-making activities offered in UiPath.

In UiPath, there are four different types of decision activities: 1) If Activity, 2) Switch Activity, 3) Flow Decision, and 4) Switch Decision.


10) Mention UiPath Community Edition's restrictions.

The following are the limitations of the UiPath Community Edition:

Every time, the libraries of nugget package managers are removed, and tools ask for activation.

The UiPath Community is a group of people who use UiPath to

There is no UiPath Orchestrator server in this edition.


11) What are the different sorts of robots that Orchestrator can configure?

In Orchestrator, there are two sorts of robots that can be configured:

A typical robot is a machine that is solely committed to a single task.

Floating robot: It can work on any standard or template and can use several machines.


12) What is a one-of-a-kind activity?

A custom activity is a reusable component that may be customised to meet the needs of a project or a client.


13) What are UiPath's reusable components?

Any workflow that is repeated at several places in the

A try block is used to include activities that are likely to fail. A catch block contains activities to be performed after an exception occurs.


14) What is the main distinction between an Attended and an Unattended bot?

As if it were a human, the attended bot works on a workstation. It is brought by by the user's activities or behaviours. Unattended robots, on the other hand, labour in abandoned virtual worlds. It has the ability to automate a wide range of processes.


15) Describe the UiPath Explorer

The UI Explorer is a tool for creating custom selectors for UI elements. If the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package is installed in the Project, it is used.


16) What is the main difference between UiPath Step into and UiPath Step in?

The main distinction is that step over can be used to run step-by-step programmes, whereas step over is utilised for quick execution.


17) What is the purpose of an output panel?

The output panel is a type of panel that allows the developer to see the execution outcome.


18) What is the purpose of an outline panel?

The project structure, all nodes, and variables are all displayed on the Outline panel.


19) How can I use UiPath to automate an excel macro?

Excel macro automation

The execute macro activity, which can be found in the manage package pane, is used to use UiPath.


20) Make a list of the UiPath sections that are available.

Projects Panel, Activity Panel, Workflow Designer, and Properties Panel are the sections offered in UiPath.

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