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UiPath Interview Questions and Answers

  • What is RPA (Robotic Automation Process)?

  • RPA also known as Robotic process automation which a type of application related to technology that will help the employees working in some company to construct any software….

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  • What are the key features of Python?

  • Python is an interpreted language. That means that, unlike languages like C and its variants, Python does not need to be compiled before it is run. Other interpreted languages include Perl, PHP, R & Ruby….

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AWS Cloud Interview Questions and Answers

  • What is EC2?

    EC2, a Virtual Machine in the cloud on which you have OS-level control. You can run this cloud server whenever you want and can be used when you need to deploy your own servers in the cloud, similar to your on-premises servers, and when you want to have full control over the choice of hardware and the updates on the machine.

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