TCL Scrypting Interview Questions

TCL Scrypting Interview Questions

1. What is Tcl and how does it work?

Tcl (Tool Command Language) is a dynamic programming language that is both powerful and simple to learn. It is ideal for a wide range of applications, including online and desktop applications, networking, administration, testing, and many more. Tcl is an open source and business-friendly language that is multi-platform (Windows, all variants of Linux, and Macintosh), easy to deploy, and extremely flexible.


2: What Is Tcl and How Does It Work?

Tcl treats the Argument as a file and attempts to read it. TCL saves the file to memory and reads it line by line, attempting to validate and compile it. The output is provided by TCL, and the memory is released.


3. How To Increment Each Element In A List? Eg: Incrlist {1 2 3} =>2 3 4?

// it works like incrlist 5 6 7 =>> 6 7 8

proc incrlist args {

set s 0

for each s $args {

incr s 1

puts $s



//for list

proc incrlist list {

set s 0

for each s $list {

incr s 1

puts $s




4. How To Run A Package In Tcl?

source (or) package required


5. How Increment A Character? For Example, I Give A And I Should Get B?

L set character “a”

set incremented_char [format %c [expr {[scan $character %c]+1}]] puts “Character before incrementing ‘$character’ : After incrementing ‘$incremented_char'”.


6. How To Extract “information” From “ccccccccaaabbbbaaaabbinformationabcaaaaaabbbbbbbccbb” In Tcl Using A Single Command?

% set
a “ccccccccaaabbbbaaaabbinformationabcaaaaaabbbbbbbccbb”


% set b [string trimleft $a “abc”]


% set c [string trim right $b “ABC”]



% set output [string trim right [string trim left

$ a “ABC”] “ABC”]




7. How To Swap 30 & 40 In Ip Address Using Tcl Script?

There are three solutions:

set a

set b [ string range $a 3 4 ]

set c [ string range $a 6 7 ]

set d [ string replace $a 3 4 $c ]

set e [ string replace $d 6 7 $b]

puts $e


set a

set b [ split $a .]

set u [lindex $b 0]

set v [lindex $b 3]

set x [lindex $b 1]

set y [lindex $b 2]

set z [join “$u $y $x $v” .]

puts $z


set IP

regexp {([0-9]+.)([0-9]+.)([0-9]+.)([0-9]+)} $ip match 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

append new_ip $1st $3rd $2nd $4th

puts $new_ip


8. How Do You Find The Length Of A String Without Using String Length Command In Tcl?

set str “lenghtofthisstring”

set len 0

set list1 [ split $str “” ]

for each value $list1 {

incr len


puts $len


9. How To Check Whether A String Is Palindrome Or Not Using Tcl Script?

Code for the above pseudo-code. Check if it works!!!!!

gets stdin a

set len [ string length $a ]

set n [ expr $len/2 ]

for { set i 0 } { $i < $n } { incr i 1 } {

set b [ string index $a $i ]

set c [ expr $len – 1 – $i ]

set d [ string index $a $c ]

if {$b != $d} {

puts “not a palindrome”




puts “Palindrome”


10. Set IP Address As Write A Script To Replace The 30 With 40?

here you can do this in multiple ways:

regsub 30 $data 40 a puts $a this will give you the replaced string.

string replace $data 3 4 40 this also will give you the replacement.

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