Top 12 RPA uipath Interview Questions

Top 12 RPA uipath Interview Questions

1) What is the difference between doing something while doing something and doing something while doing something?

The difference between a while loop and a do-while loop is that a while loop checks the condition before looping. The do-while loop checks the condition after each statement in the loop has been executed.


2) What are the different kinds of robots?

There are two categories of robots: 1) those that are supervised and 2) those that are not.


3) Describe the equipment required to read and send letters.

The following are the tools needed to read and send email:

Microsoft Outlook is a software programme that allows you to

IBM Notes is a programme that allows you to keep track


Microsoft Exchange is a programme that allows you to send


4) What are the different types of click and type input methods?

The following are examples of click and type input methods:

The default technique is

Send a message to Windows

Create a type/key simulation


5) What is the role of Orchestration?

A job whose responsibility is to orchestrate the execution of other jobs is known as an orchestration job.


6) What is the function of a credential manager?

Programmers can use the UiPath credential manager to automate the procedure. It is used to create, make, and delete the credential through specific operations.


7) What is the definition of an exception?

An exception is a type of error that occurs during the execution of a programme. The error-handling activity consists of four primary options: 1) stop the workflow, and 2) rethrow 3) Toss the ball, 4) Try to catch it.


8) What is the primary distinction between Excel and Workbook activities?

The fundamental distinction between Excel and Workbook activities is that the user cannot access password-protected popups for entering credentials in the Excel programme. 


9) In UiPath, what is Anchor base?

A container that searches for a UI element using other UI components is known as an anchor base. When there isn't a dependable selector available, this utility can be utilised.


10) Describe how email automation works.

Email automation refers to the process of automating all manual tasks such as sending emails, receiving emails, attaching attachments to emails, and downloading them.


11) How do I use UiPath to filter email?

Filtering mail can be done in two ways:

Email can be filtered using the if condition in each loop.
Users can also filter email using the "Get outlook" filter option, which allows them to specify filter requirements.


12) Describe how PDF automation works.

The process of extracting all information from PDF files is known as PDF automation.

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