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Robotics Process Automation using UiPath

What is UiPath?

What is Robotic Process automation?

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An association between an environment and a package is created by a process. A package is a collection of services that have been predefined and created using the Jacada Integration and Automation (JIA) application. When a package is introduced into an environment, all of the robot machines connected to the environment receive it automatically.

You can deploy an uploaded package to the robot environment and manage previously made associations on the process page, which also maintains track of all your processes. It makes the process of applying for jobs faster and makes it easier for us to distribute items to the robot machines.

2. Library

A library is a collection of different reusable parts. Libraries are stored as files and can be accessed by They can be added via the package manager when they are needed to accommodate the extra workflows. This is referred to in Orchester as a centralised location to keep all libraries, specifically the library page. Those that have access to it or permission to do so can access the libraries from this location.

A process library is described as a set of tasks having a clearly defined business role, making them appropriate for sharing and reuse. You have the ability to inspect and delete both the manually uploaded files and the libraries that were utilised on the UIPath Studio on the Libraries tab.

Types of Supported Workflows in Uipath

In UIPath, automation is connected to a variety of features and lets you automate rule-based processes. Each task must be assigned to a specific task and be capable of being completed properly for automation to be effective. Every action in UIPath requires a series of minor actions, such as reading a file, pressing a button, writing a log panel, etc.

There are a few key UIPath workflows listed below.
Sequences : It works best for a linear procedure that involves going from one stage to another without interfering with the workflow.

Flowcharts: It is created for organisations whose automation needs some degree of logical reasoning. Through numerous branching procedures, it solves every issue in a variety of ways.

State Machines : It is nicely crafted to meet the requirements of enterprises that have extensive workflows and many transactions. An infinite number of states are used by state machines during their execution, which is started by a condition (transition) or task.

handling of global exceptions: It is appropriate for determining the workflow behaviour when an execution mistake occurs.

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