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AWS Beginner Projects 2023

AWS Beginner Projects 2023

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AWS Cloud Computing Course

AWS Cloud Computing

Certainly! Here are some top AWS Course projects and ideas for beginners in 2023. These projects will help you learn and gain practical experience with Amazon Web Services:

Simple Website Hosting: Host a basic website on AWS Course using Amazon S3 for static content and Amazon Route 53 for domain registration and DNS management. This will introduce you to the fundamentals of AWS Course services.

EC2 Instance Deployment: Launch a virtual server (EC2 instance) and deploy a simple web application on it. You can choose from various operating systems and programming languages.

AWS Lambda Function: Create a serverless AWS Course Lambda function that performs a simple task, like resizing images uploaded to an S3 bucket or sending notifications through SNS.

Docker Container on ECS: Learn about containerization by creating a Docker container and deploying it to Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS).

Serverless API with API Gateway: Build a serverless RESTful API using AWS Course API Gateway and AWS Lambda. This can be a basic API for a to-do list or a weather service.

Amazon RDS Setup: Set up a relational database using Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) and connect it to your EC2 instance or Lambda function.

Auto Scaling and Load Balancing: Configure auto-scaling groups and a load balancer to automatically manage the capacity of your EC2 instances based on traffic.

AWS IAM and Security: Learn about AWS Course Identity and Access Management (IAM) by creating users, roles, and policies to control access to AWS Course resources securely.

Serverless File Processing: Create a serverless pipeline for processing files. For example, you can use AWS Course S3 triggers to automatically process uploaded files using Lambda functions.

AWS IoT Project: Build a simple Internet of Things (IoT) project using AWS IoT Core. You can connect a sensor or device to AWS Course and visualize the data in real-time using services like AWS IoT Analytics or AWS IoT Events.

Remember to follow best practices for security and cost management while working on these projects. AWS Course offers a Free Tier with limited resources that you can use to experiment and learn without incurring charges, so take advantage of that as well. Additionally, AWS Course documentation and tutorials are excellent resources to help you along the way.

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