Anti Money Laundering (ACAMS) AML Training in Mumbai

This ACAMS AML course in Mumbai is created primarily by industry specialists. This AML ACAMS certification training in Mumbai covers the supervisory and advanced ideas of AML, including Central Banks, Financial Institutions, Commercial Banks, and Investment Banks approaches for AML KYC Analyst. Many AML KYC specialists will be present at this AML ACAMS course in Mumbai to assist you in learning the latest AML Topics covering Australia, the US, and the UK, UAE, Singapore, Japan.

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Anti Money Laundering (ACAMS) Course AML Overview

dridhOn is one of the leading AML training institutions in Mumbai will give you a trainer who is an industry professional AML KYC Analyst who will help you grasp all the principles of AML such as Regulator or Advisor for Product Services, Market Place Exchange, Innovative Solutions, and so on. We will put you through real-world tasks in these AML courses, allowing you to become a skilled AML KYC Analyst. This Anti-Money Laundering (AML) certification course will enable you to work with huge corporations all over the world and will help you advance your career quickly.

AML KYC Key Features

KYC AML Introduction Class

Skills Covered in Training

Anti Money Laundering (ACAMS) AML Course in Mumbai Benefits

The need for AML ACAMS certification professionals is increasing every day. The AML market is expected to reach USD 2 billion in 2020 and will observe a CAGR of over 10% through 2027 with more than 1000+ AML Analyst jobs available around the world (source: Naukri, Indeed). A snapshot of hirings and packages details below.

AML KYC Packages year by Experience

AML KYC Analyst Fresher!

AML Analyst as a Fresher salary in India ranges between ₹ 2.4 Lakhs to ₹ 4.1 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 3.4 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 137 salaries received from AML KYC Analyst Level 1

AML KYC Analyst 2+ Years Experience!

AML KYC Analyst 2+ years of experience salary in India ranges between ₹ 4 Lakhs to ₹ 6.5 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 7.1 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 15 salaries received from AML KYC Analyst Level 2, 3.

AML KYC Analyst More than 5+ Years Experience!

AML KYC Analyst in Postition Team Lead, Manager Roles Having 5+ years of experience salary in India ranges between ₹ 7 Lakhs to ₹ 15.1 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 12.8 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 12 salaries received from AML KYC Analyst Higher Postions.

Top Organizations that are Hiring for AML KYC Analyst

In India 2022-25, there are over 8000+ job vacancies for AML KYC Analysts on LinkedIn, Naukri, and Monster.


AML Analysts earn roughly INR 500000 per year on average, continuously hiring companies like Genpact, TCS, AWS, Societe General, Kotak, Citi, Accenture, and PWC.


Anti-Money Laundering Careers Consider a career as an AML professional if you want to contribute to the battle against financial crime and corruption.

Anti Money Laundering (ACAMS) AML Course in Mumbai Curriculum

AML KYC Course Eligibility!

The Basic Requirement to start a career as an AML KYC Analyst, you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree or at least 3 years of experience in banking Risk and compliance. A Bachelor’s degree in research, business, accounting, or criminal justice will help you get the job.

KYC AML Course Pre-requisites!

Learning the Anti-Money Laundering course has no prerequisites.

Anti Money Laundering (ACAMS) Course Content

Risks and Methods of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

  • What is Money Laundering?
  • Three Stages in the Money Laundering Cycle
  • Credit Unions and Building Societies
  • Non-Financial Businesses and Professions Administrative Interfaces

International AML/CFT Standards

  • Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
  • Organization of American States:
    Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission
  • The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund

Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorist Financing Compliance Programs

  • Assessing AML/CFT Risk
  • AML/CFT Program

Case Studies of AML

  • Sanction Screening
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • End to End KYC
  • Due Diligence
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    Frequently Asked Questions in KYC AML Certification Course in Mumbai!

    1. Is this course suitable for someone with no experience in KYC?

    Yes, this training for Anti-Money Laundering is designed for those who don’t have prior knowledge of Kyc.

    2. What support is available during the course?

    You’ll have access to record classes, live Q&A sessions, and direct feedback from instructors.

    3. Can I access the course content after it ends?

    Yes, you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials and any updates.

    4. How are dridhOn validated certificates for students distributed?

    Students will get a dridhOn course completion certificate after completing the training program, working on real-time projects, quizzes, and assignments, and scoring at least 65 percent on the qualifying test. This credential is widely accepted by dridhOn-affiliated companies, including more than 30 major multinational corporations.

    5. What types of Case study are covered in the training program?

    As part of the training program, dridhOn provides you with the most up-to-date, relevant, and high-value real-time case study on end to end KYC. This allows you to put everything you’ve learned into practice in a real-world setting. All training includes many projects that put your abilities, learning, and practical knowledge to the test, ensuring that you are industry-ready.


    You’ll be working on cutting-edge initiatives in fields such as  banking, and insurance. After successfully completing the projects, your abilities will be equivalent to 6-24 months of industry experience.

    6. What are the various training modalities that dridhOn offers?

    You can enroll in either the instructor-led online training or the self-paced online training at dridhOn. Apart from that, dridhOn also provides corporate training to help businesses upskill their employees. All of the trainers at dridhOn have a minimum of 8-12 years of relevant industry experience and have worked as consultants in the same sector, making them subject matter experts.

    7. Why should I take dridhOn's AML KYC Online Course?

    Dridhon’s KYC AML certification program was created by an industry professional AML KYC Experts and can help you land positions with the world’s largest corporations. We will put you to work on real-time projects as part of this KYC AML training, which will help you expand your career at an exponential rate while working with huge organizations throughout the world.


    Dridhon’s KYC AML certification will be given out when you have completed all of the AML training principles and the real-world project work, as well as achieving the minimum qualifying marks on the quiz.


    The top 80+ MNCs in the world accept this AML KYC certification. world. They have faith in our ability to provide high-quality training to our pupils.

    8. What Are the Advantages of Taking an AML KYC Analyst Online Course?

    The KYC AML Certification course will help you master the AML KYC Analyst so that you may work in MNC, International Banks. As part of this Online AML course, you will focus on comprehensive hands-on training and assignments that are extremely relevant in the corporate world, and the AML Course has been designed by industry professionals.


    After finishing the online AML Course and receiving certified AML KYC Certification, you may apply for a job.

    9. Is dridhOn able to help you get a job?

    All learners who have successfully completed the program receive active placement support from dridhOn. We have a special arrangement with a few IT Recruiters in Bengaluru for this. This allows you to work for companies like Genpact, Accenture, Society General, AWS, Google, Sony, Ericsson, TCS, Mu Sigma, Tech Mahindra Standard Chartered, Cognizant, and Cisco, Bosch, Infosys, HP, HCL among others. We can also assist you with job interviews and resume preparation.

    AML CAMP Certification

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      What Our Students Say About Us

      We don’t like to brag, but we don’t mind letting our students do it for us. Here are a few nice things folks have said about our themes over the years.

      Google Reviews

      Trustpilot Reviews

      Roshini AML Analyst, Coinbase

      It's a great learning experience, to be a part of Dridhon AML training program. The session helped a lot to understand the AML concepts. The Trainer Mr.Akineth sir is highly knowledgeable in AML concepts and provided live examples and case studies and making the concepts easily understandable.The knowledge and material they gave helps in attending the interviews with full confidence. Finally i got placed into one of the fincrime international company.I highly recommend Dridhon institution for anyone seeking to learn/ upgrade in aml kyc program.Really thankful to the trainer Akineth Sir. and Kiran Sir was the backbone of this institute thank you sir for the support and guidance.

      Rakshith AML Analyst, UAE Bank

      We had fantastic training for the AML course, and I'm honored to state that the classes were really well organized.I gained useful knowledge throughout my AML journey, which helped me land a new job in the same industry.

      Vyshanavi AML Analyst, State Street

      I had taken AML KYC training in this institute by Akineth sir , explaination of the topic is very understandable and from other side kiran sir was very supportive . Thanks to both of you.

      Anupa Gupta AML Analyst, CBA

      Faculty is knowledgeable with alots of experienceServices are very good and quick response they give if any doubt

      Shika Das AML Analyst, Infosys

      I have done Aml classes in this institute. Best institute to learn AML. Classes are taken by Akineth sir and he will explain all theorical and practical topics. This institute helps me a lot in career growth. Thank you Akineth sir and Kiran sir for the support.

      Sulthan AML Analyst, Southern Land Bank

      Yes, this organization is doing pretty well. Interms of coaching, gooming & nurturing. It was a great experience through out the training module and post the training. This training is veryhelpful in very much helpful and constructive in career prospects. I thank the entire team for future success.

      Sebastin AML Analyst, State Street

      Dridhon is the best place to start career in AML. You will have great knowledge on it with theoretical and practical experience. Mr Kiran who guides you in every step and makes sure to guide in everything. He is the llife changing person of my life.

      Raju Pandhem AML Analyst, KPMG

      I had joined for AML/KYC course. Excellent institute and the trainer have a great knowledge about the subject. He interacts with all the students which makes students comfortable and easy to understand.

      Thank you Akineth for support and guidance and Kiran for placement support.

      Anna Vincent AML Analyst, ANZ

      Excellent institute. Trainer is superb. Well versed with all the concepts. Trainer and all staffs are very supportive. Placement services is excellent.I got a role in aml kyc with good salary hike post completion of training. Thanks you so much Akineth and kiran

      Rajeshwari AML Analyst, Genpact

      It's a great learning experience, to be a part of Dridhon AML training program. The session helped a lot to understand the AML concepts as well as the transaction monitoring terms and techniques in depth with real life case studies and mind mapping techniques.The sessions were very interactive and quite engaging. The Trainer Mr.Akineth sir is highly knowledgeable in AML concepts and provided live examples and case studies thus making the concepts easily understandable.The knowledge and material they gave helps in attending the interviews with full confidence.I highly recommend Dridhon institution for anyone seeking to learn/ upgrade in aml kyc program.Really thankful to the trainer Akineth Sir and Kiran Sir for the support and guidance.

      Shilpa Shree AML Analyst, Standard Charted

      Training was excellent with good interaction. Recording facility is available for revising. Trainer Akineth is knowledgeable and explains with some good real time examples related to AML/KYC.Kiran Sir is kind and supportive.Resolves the queries asap. Overall Dridhon is a great institution with 100 % placement support.

      Aishwarya AML Analyst, KPMG

      It was a great experience.The trainer had a vast experience in the domain where they was clearing the points to end to end.The response from the team is very quick with 100% placement.thankyou dridhon

      Neha AML Analyst, Accenture

      Concepts were explained in detail & in a simplified manner. Definitely a recommendable course for anyone looking for a Foundation course on AML, KYC & Transaction Monitoring

      Naveed AML Analyst, Accenture

      #Best Training Institute
      Hi folks, It took a long wait for me to achieve my desired package, But "Patience is the key to success" With experience trainers mentoring its learners & Soon after the training. All you can expect a good set of Knowledge that will suffice to crack down interviews. Thanks to Trainers Akineth Sharma & Admin Kiran.

      Vedika AML KYC Specialist,

      Great Platform to learn new courses with high quality Experienced Professionals. I have learnt new and interesting topics Through AML Course. Thank you for giving me this great opportunity to learn Dridhon.

      Key Features

      Learning Experience

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      1:1 Instructor Led Training

      Live instructor-led instruction with a greater emphasis on real time projects

      Industry Based Topics

      Best Industry-specific curriculum crafted by experts which address real-world challenges effectively.

      Real Time Projects

      Individual will learn practical, hands-on training to help them apply what they've learned in real-world circumstances.

      24/7 Placement Support

      24x7 support clear up any conceptual ambiguities, seek learning help from mentors.

      Interview Questions

      Nail Job Interviews with Core Questions


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