Top 25 Selenium Interview Questions

Top 25 Selenium Interview Questions

1) Can you explain how to iterate through test script options?

Loop elements of the programming language can be used to iterate through alternatives in a test script; for example, in Java, the "for" loop can be used to type different test data in a text box.

/ in an array, test data collecting

testData = "test1," "test2," and "test3" in String[] format;

/ iterate through each set of test data

selenium.type ("elementLocator", testData) for (string s: test data);


2) How can you create a customised html report in the hybrid framework using TestNG?

There are three options available.

Junit: With ANT TestNG's help: To get the HTML report, use the default.html file that comes with the programme. XST reports from ANT, Selenium, and Testng combinations are also available.
Using XSL jar to convert XML material to HTML


3) How do you build an HTML test report from your test script?

There are three ways to build an HTML test report.

To get the HTML report, TestNG uses the inbuilt default.html file. XLST results from ANT, Selenium, and TestNG are also available.
JUnit: With the assistance of ANT
Using XSL jar to convert XML material to HTML for our own bespoke reports


4) How do you use the Selenium IDE to insert a break point?

Insert a break point in Selenium IDE

Right-click on the command in Selenium IDE and select "Toggle break point."

Select the command in Selenium IDE by pressing "B" on the keyboard.

Selenium IDE allows you to set several break points.


5) How do you debug the tests in the Selenium IDE?

Place a

Set a breakpoint from the point where you wish to run the test step by step.

Execute the test case.

The execution will be interrupted at the specified break point.

Click the blue icon to move on to the next statement.

To continue performing all of the commands at once, click the "Run" button.


6) What is Selenese and what are its many types?

Selenese is a set of selenium commands that are used to perform the test.

Selenese comes in three varieties.

Actions: It's utilised to carry out operations and interact with the target items.
Assertions: It serves as a reference point.
Accessors are used to keep track of the values in a variable.


7) Describe the limitations of the Selenium IDE.

The Selenium IDE's drawbacks

There is no exceptional handling.
Selenium IDE only works with HTML languages.
The reading of external databases is not possible with IDE.
It is not feasible to read from external files such as.txt and.xls.
The execution of conditional or branching statements such as if,else, and select statements is not possible.


8) In Selenium IDE, what are the two view modes?

Selenium IDE can be launched as a pop-up window or from the sidebar.


9) What are the element locators in the Selenium IDE that can be used to locate elements on a web page?

There are primarily four locators used in selenium.

Locators for X-paths
Locators in CSS

10) Html id Html name How do you generate random numbers and dates for test data in Selenium IDE?

Using Java Script in Selenium IDE, you may generate random integers.




And for



new Date() in javascript


11) How can any Selenium IDE test be converted from Selenese to another language?

To convert tests, utilise the format option in Selenium IDE.


12)Is it possible to obtain data from a specific html table column using Selenium IDE?

The command "storeTable" can be used.

Store text from cell 0,2 of an html table, for example.




Css=#table 0.2 Css=#table 0.2 Css=#table




13) What can go wrong when a Selenium IDE test fails?

When the location for an element has changed and Selenium IDE is unable to locate it

The process timed out when the element Selenium IDE waiting to access did not arrive on the web page.

When the element that Selenium IDE attempted to access was not created


14) How do you debug the tests in the Selenium IDE?

Place a break point at the point where you want to conduct the steps one by one.

Execute the test case.

At the specified break point, the programme is executed.

will be put on hold

Click the Blue button to go to the next step.

To run many commands at once, click the run button.


15) How do you run a single line from the Selenium IDE?

A single line command can be executed in two ways from the Selenium IDE.


Right-click on the command in Selenium IDE and select "Execute this command."

After selecting the command in Selenium IDE, press the "X" key on the keyboard.


16) In Selenium IDE, what format does source view display your script?

The source view in Selenium IDE displays your script in XML format.


17) In Selenium IDE, how can you insert a start point?

Selenium IDE can be configured in two ways.

Select the command in Selenium IDE by using the "S" key on the keyboard.
Right-click the command in Seleniun IDE and choose "Set / Clear Start Point."


18) How would you test your own element locator if you wrote it yourself?

To test the locator, use Selenium IDE's "Find Button." When you click it, an element will be highlighted on the screen if your element locator is correct, or an error will appear.

a message will be shown


19) What is the meaning of regular expressions? In Selenium, how do you use regular expressions?

A regular expression is a text string that is used to describe a search pattern. Regular expressions can be used with the keyword regexp: as a prefix to the value in Selenium IDE, and patterns for the expected values must be included.


20) What exactly is a core extension?

You can construct a Core Extension to "expand" the default capabilities given by Selenium Function Library. They're also referred to as "User Extensions." You can also get ready-made Core Extensions produced by other Selenium fans.


21) In Selenium, how will you handle dealing with multiple windows?

To switch between windows, we can use the selectWindow command. The title of Windows is used to determine which window to switch to with this command.


22) How will you validate a web element's precise position?

VerifyElementPositionLeft and verifyElementPositionTop might be used. It does a pixel comparison of the element's position from the left and top of the page, respectively.


23) What is the best way to retrieve a message from an alert box? 

The storeAlert command will retrieve the message from the alert popup and store it in a variable.


24) What is RC (Remote Control) selenium?

In terms of browser support and language support, Selenium IDE has several restrictions. RC restriction can be reduced by utilising Selenium.

For automating web applications, selenium RC is used with languages such as Java, C#, Perl, and Python on various platforms and web browsers.

Selenium RC is a java-based tool that can communicate with a web application in any language.

You can get around the restriction by using server to run your automation script against any web application.


25) What is the purpose of Selenium RC?

Many functionalities, like as condition statements, iteration, logging, and so on, are not directly supported by Selenium IDE. Because the IDE only supports HTML, it can't do things like report test results or handle unexpected errors. To deal with such problems, Selenium RC is utilised, and it supports languages such as Perl, Ruby, Python, and PHP. We can develop programmes in these languages to solve IDE concerns.

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