Top 20 UiPath Interview Questions and Answers

Top 20 UiPath Interview Questions and Answers

1) What exactly is UiPath?

UiPath Studio is a piece of software that helps you to automate mundane office operations. Daniel Dines, a Romanian entrepreneur, created the company in 2005. It automates time-consuming processes and can be used with a variety of instruments.


2) Describe UiPath's various products.

UiPath offers a variety of goods, including:

UiPath Studio: It helps us to visually plan any automation processes using various diagrams. Each diagram depicts a specific type of task to be completed.

UiPath Robot: After you've finished designing in the Studio, you'll need to run the procedures in the built-in Studio. In any scenario, robots will choose those steps and run without human instruction. When a human initiates the process, it can also work.

Orchestrator for UiPath: This application is a web-based one. It aids in the deployment, scheduling, monitoring, and management of robots and processes. It's a centralized platform for controlling all robots.


3) What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables organizations to automate tasks across applications and systems in the same way that a human would. The goal of RPA is to move process execution away from people and toward bots.


4) Describe the stages of the RPA life cycle.

The RPA life cycle is divided into six stages:

1) discovery,

2) solution design,

3) development,

4) user acceptance tests,

5) development and maintenance, and

6) execute bots.


5) What role does UiPath play in RPA?

UiPath is required in RPA because:

It assists in the modeling of processes.
Management of deployments becomes a breeze.
It enables the execution of a remote procedure.


6) What UiPath components are available?

The following are some of the components accessible in UiPath:

Studio UiPath
UiPath Robot UiPath Orchestrator


7) Describe the various forms of UiPath processes.

In UiPath, there are several types of workflows:

Sequences: A sequence is a tiny project type that is best suited for linear processes. It makes it simple for developers to go from one activity to another.

State Machine: A state machine is a machine that has a set number of states and is used for automation. It will transition from one state to the next.

Flowchart: It can be used for both large and small projects to aid in the development of complex businesses.


8) What distinguishes RPA from other forms of automation?

RPA has the following characteristics:

Accurate: It operates with precision and consistency. As a result, RPA aids in the reduction of errors.
No programming skills are

required: RPA tools do not require any programming skills.

RPA software is designed in such a way that all repetitive jobs can be completed in the same manner.

Task execution time is reduced as compared to the traditional method.

Efficiency: It can work continuously with the same efficiency without taking a break.

Cost-cutting technology: It allows you to reduce your manual workforce, lowering the cost of completing any operation.


9) Create an UiPath automation template.

UiPath Automation is a company that specializes in process automation. This tool aids in the automation of any process.


10) What is the key distinction between test and process automation?

Test Automation is a technique for automating any application's testing to determine if the cases pass or fail. Process automation, on the other hand, automates a process without requiring human interaction.


11) Make a list of UiPath's properties.

UiPath has the following properties:

Define branching in UiPath with ContinueOnError DelayAfter DelayBefore TimeoutMS WaitForReady Target 12).

In UiPath, branching is utilized to connect activities using the Flowchart branch.


13) Describe the different types of wildcards in UiPath.

In UiPath, there are two sorts of wildcards:

Asterisk (*) denotes a required field. It can be used to replace one or more characters.
(?) question mark: It replaces a single character.


14) What is Robotic Automation and How Does It Work?

Robotic automation is a type of automation in which a computer does a task in the same way as a human would.


15) What distinguishes UiPath from other programming languages?

UiPath has the following features:

It's possible to host it in cloud environments or on virtual terminals.

Compatibility with a large range of apps: It allows users to work with a wide range of applications.

Users can handle all of the robots at the same time with the help of this capability.

Security: The bots can be run with auto-login functionality.

UiPath is an advanced screen scraping tool that can accurately deal with applications such as.Net, Java, Flash, PDF, Legacy, and SAP.

Effective debugging and exception handling techniques are important for scalability and resilience. Day-to-day programs such as Outlook, Excel, and PDF are handled by artificial intelligence.


16) List out popular tools for RPA

Various tools used for RPA:

Open span
NICE Actimize
Automation Anywhere


17) What is Process Studio and how does it work?

Process Studio is a process modeling program similar to Microsoft Visio. In Blue Prism, it's used to make a process. Process Studio employs a variety of flowcharts and notations.


18) What is the difference between Automation Anywhere and UiPath?

The following are the differences between UiPath and Automation anywhere:

UiPath Automation can be used anywhere.
It is built on a web-based architecture.
Client and server architecture are included in the design.
The browser and the mobile app are both supported.
Only allows access through the app.
Only tiny projects should use scalability.
For small and medium-sized applications, it's extremely scalable.


19) What is the definition of a thin client?

When employing RPA tools, a thin client is an application that requires particular attributes, such as a calculator or a computer.


20) In UiPath, describe the variables and data types.

Variables are used to store data and change the value of a variable in UiPath. Data types aid in the storage of data in various formats. Number, time, date, universal value, and text are all supported by UiPath.

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