RPA Uipath Interview Questions

RPA Uipath Interview Questions

1) In UiPath, what is sequence activities?

The sequence is a minor project type that clears the way for moving from one activity to the next. It's designed to be used as a single activity block. These blocks can be reused by developers several times.


2) What is a machine's state?

A state of the machine refers to the several states that a machine must go through while performing a single operation. When an action is triggered, it can go through a variety of stages.


3) Describe the many sorts of recordings that are accessible in UiPath.

In UiPath, there are five different sorts of recordings: 1) Basic, 2) Desktop, 3) WEB, 4) Citrix, and 5) Image.


4) In UiPath, what is the assigned activity?


In UiPath, assign activity allows you to delegate tasks to people. to a variety of variables


5) What is the most significant distinction between UiPath and Selenium?

Selenium is designed to test websites or web applications, whereas UiPath is built to test UiPath. Selenium, on the other hand, is RPA software that automates the software development process.


6) Make a list of everything that can be automated with RPA.

RPA can automate the following tasks:

The website is used to generate reports.
Work on data gathering and manipulation.
Gather information from a variety of sources.
Email sharing is possible.
Data entering is effective.
In the system, there is daily and recurring work.


7) In UiPath, what is a generic variable?

A generic variable is a type of variable that can hold any data type, including integers, dates, arrays, and strings.


8) Describe the various types of OCR engines on the market.

1) Google Cloud OCR, 2) Microsoft Cloud OCR, 3) Microsoft OCR, 4) Google OCR, and 5) Abbyy Cloud OCR are examples of OCR engines.


9) Why is Element Exists required?

It's used to see if something is true or not. UI Element is present or absent during programme execution. Only Boolean is supported by Element.


10) What are the main points of dispute in UiPath?

In UiPath, contention allows developers to submit a claim for project enhancement.


11) Describe the role of the package manager.

In UiPath, a package manager is a collection of components that allows you to automate a process. Frameworks, libraries, and wrappers are all part of a package manager.


12) What is UiPath's automated recording feature?

There is a feature in UiPath that allows developers to automatically record actions. It is simple to customise and parameterize for programmers.


13) Provide a list of UiPath's variable error handling operations.

In UiPath, error capturing operations include:

Workflow should be ended.
Try your hand at Catch Throw Catch.


14) Describe the email protocols that UiPath supports.

IMAP, GET, Outlook, POP3, and more email protocols are accessible in UiPath.


15) Describe the activity of Delay.

In UiPath, the delay action is used to pause or stop automation for a period of time. It's mainly employed in projects when there's a requirement for waiting time before starting a specific programme. Delay activity is also useful for applications that need to wait for data to be processed.


16) Describe the UiPath Do While Activity.

When the condition is true, the do while action allows programmers to execute the specific component of automation. The loop, however, cannot be performed if the mention condition is false.

It's utilised to navigate through the elements that are there. Doing something while doing something else can let you repeat an action several times.


17) Explain the notion of project debugging in UiPath.

The debugging concept is used to locate and display errors in a certain project. It has breakpoints as well as logging. Debugging additionally allows you to gather information about the project and step by step highlight the error.


18) What does "publishing an automation project" mean?

The automation package must be published before it may be archived. The relevant files are kept in a separate folder in preparation for sending it to a robot and executing it.


19) Describe the hardware requirements for the Blue Prism Robotic Automation Platform.

Developers can use a front-office or back-office process to create software. It can run on any computer with a desktop.


20) Can you tell me what the session variable is?

In UiPath, the session variable is a reference to one of the instance's processes. If the process runs many processes at the same time, the session variables may be the same but with different values.

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