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AWS News & Updates

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AWS Cloud Computing

AWS Blogs: AWS Course maintains a blog where they regularly post updates, announcements, and articles about their services, features, and innovations.

AWS Newsroom: The AWS Course Newsroom is another official source for press releases, announcements, and news related to AWS.

AWS Twitter and Social Media: Follow AWS Course on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. They often share news, updates, and customer stories through these channels.

AWS Events and Webinars: AWS Course regularly hosts webinars, online events, and conferences. These events often feature announcements and deep dives into new services or features.

AWS Re:Invent: AWS re:Invent is an annual conference where AWS Course makes major announcements and showcases new services. While the timing of this event may vary, it's a significant source of AWS Course news.

AWS Forums and Community: Engage with the AWS Course community through forums and discussion boards. AWS users often share insights, tips, and news about the platform.

AWS Newsletter: Subscribe to AWS Course newsletters to receive updates and news directly in your email inbox.

Third-party News Sources: Technology news websites, blogs, and industry publications also cover AWS Course news and innovations. Consider following tech news websites or specific AWS Course -focused blogs for additional insights.

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