What Is Machine Learning?

What Is Machine Learning?

The capacity to actively monitor and discover data inconsistencies and suspicious activity early on can help businesses combat money laundering and the negative consequences it brings, such as disciplinary action, large penalties, and reputational harm.

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) penalised a company $16.5 million last year for major shortcomings in its anti-money laundering programme. FINRA also fined a firm (and its linked introducing firm) $17 million for having a deficient client identification programme (CIP), among other things, that can lead to money laundering and the inability to identify it.

In this new tutorial, we look at the fundamentals of AML and KYC, as well as how you can use machine intelligence to improve your compliance. You can mark specific emails as spam as you get them. Your email client improves over time at determining which emails are potentially spam. Spam mails may then be automatically moved to a separate folder or simply flagged so you can decide for yourself.

There are many different sorts of algorithms that can be used in machine learning. Machine learning can benefit from supervised learning, which involves teaching a machine to perform a task. One example is teaching an email client to distinguish between spam and valid communications. Unsupervised learning algorithms, in which the computer learns without being instructed, can also be used in machine learning. Having a computer take a customer database and categorise customers into distinct segments is an example of this.

While these are the two most used machine learning algorithms, there is another, called reinforcement learning, that gives positive rewards for good and accurate activities and negative rewards for bad and erroneous actions. Consider Netflix and the suggestions it makes. Those suggestions are based on a number of factors.

Your own evaluations, as well as your viewing history, are all elements to consider. The more Netflix you watch, the better the recommendations get. Another example of how reinforcement learning works is Amazon.com suggestions. In this scenario, recommendations are based on a variety of factors, including your feedback on previously purchased things.

Other examples of machine learning can be found in our daily lives, even if we aren't aware of them. The best example is Google, which has mastered the ability to rank queries based on keywords. Another fantastic example of machine learning is how Apple and Google detect people in images.

We look at the fundamentals of anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) in our new handbook. as well as how machine learning technologies might be used to improve your firm's compliance operations. It's available for download here.

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