9 Advantages of Automation Testing

9 Advantages of Automation Testing

Testing is an important aspect of product development since it ensures the product's quality. To assure quality, software tests must be done numerous times during the development cycle. Every version must be tested on a wide range of operating systems and hardware combinations.

Automation testing, often known as test automation, is the use of open source or paid automated testing technologies to test software applications rapidly and efficiently, without the need for human interaction, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Automated software testing can show the contents of memory, data tables, and files, allowing you to see if the programme is working properly.

Test automation allows you to run hundreds of different and lengthy test cases that would be impossible to do manually. It can improve software by increasing the depth of tests. 

It's useful since it automates numerous manual testing processes and improves overall accuracy with little or no human participation. Pre-written scripts are tested, ensuring that high-quality software is deployed.

Testing frameworks are used in automation testing. Keyword driven frameworks, data driven frameworks, linear scripting frameworks, and modular testing frameworks are the most frequent.


Here are some of the advantages of automation testing:

1. Increased test coverage: Because many scripts may be tested at the same time, the test coverage increases. It saves time and relieves manual testers of some of their responsibilities.

2. Greater precision: Manual continuous testing increases the risk of errors, whereas automation testing allows for the same precision in repeating tests.

3. Cost savings: Automated testing allows test cases to run faster and faults to be found and repaired earlier in the development cycle. Despite the high initial expenses, once the automated framework is in place, the overall costs are reduced.

4. Reduction in regression testing time: Automated regression testing with testing tools frees manual testers from tedious regression testing.

5. Automated testing can simulate tests that manual testers can't do: Certain tests, such as controlled web application tests, can be replicated with automated testing but not conducted by manual testers.

6. Time-saving: Automated testing automates manual scripts, cutting regression testing time in half. Automated testing saves time because it runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

7. Test script reusability: In automated testing, the same script can be reused with small modifications. Thus, test script reusability improves the testing process, and the same scripts can be stored and reused for running the test as needed.

8. Beneficial to testers: Because tests can run automatically when the source code changes and alert testers to any issues, it is beneficial to testers.

9. High return on investment: Automations help firms finish testing processes faster and more accurately, resulting in a high return on investment.

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