RPA UiPath Keyboard Shortcuts

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UiPath Tool Keyboard Shortcuts

The complete list of keyboard shortcuts for UiPath Studio:

  • Ctrl + D – Ignores the activity that is currently selected by placing it into a Comment Out container.
  • Ctrl + E – Removes the activity from the Comment Out container it was placed in.
  • Ctrl + T – Places the activity inside the Try section of a Try Catch activity.
  • Ctrl + Shift + N – Creates a new Blank Project.
  • Ctrl + N – Creates a new Sequence Diagram in the current project.
  • Ctrl + O – Enables you to open a previously created workflow. Only .xaml files are supported.
  • F1 – Enables you to access a help topic associated with the currently selected element.
  • Ctrl + L – Opens the folder where the Log files are stored.
  • Shift + F9 – Removes all the breakpoints in the currently opened workflow.
  • Ctrl + S – Saves the currently opened workflow.
  • Ctrl + Shift + S – Saves all the workflows that are currently open.
  • F5 – Runs the workflow that is currently open.
  • F7 – Runs the currently opened workflow in debug mode.
  • F8 – Checks the currently opened workflow for validation errors.
  • F9 – Marks the selected activity with a breakpoint.
  • F10 – When debugging, steps over the execution of a block of activities in the currently selected workflow.
  • F11 – When debugging, enables you to step into a block of activities and executes the first one.
  • Pause – Pauses the execution of the current workflow, in both normal and debug mode.
  • F12 – Stops the execution of the current workflow, in both normal and debug mode.
  • Ctrl + C – Copies the selected activity or activities to the clipboard.
  • Alt + Ctrl + W – Opens the Web Recording toolbar.
  • Alt + Ctrl + B – Opens the Basic Recording toolbar.
  • Alt + Ctrl + C – Opens the Citrix Recording toolbar.
  • Alt + Ctrl + D – Opens the Desktop Recording toolbar.
  • Alt + Ctrl + F – Sets the focus to the search box in the Activities Panel.
  • Ctrl + P – Opens the Manage Packages window.

References: dridhOn

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